Falk Hübner

music theatre - artistic research - education




--- NEWS ---


In the upcoming months, Falk Hübner is preparing new projects and future research. For the rest of the season 2013/14, he is intensifying his work at the School of the Arts Utrecht, giving shape to the research trajectories in bachelor and master courses of the conservatory.


Since September 2013 Falk Hübner is member of the Creative Directors of ICON, the Innovative Conservatoire. As member of this team, together with some of the most inspiring and innovating personalities in the European conservatory world, Falk designs seminars for teachers across Europe, focussing on practice-based methods and research.


Additionally, Falk is working on a new performance with the young percussion player and music theatre performer Maarten Zaagman, and he is creating a performance with HKU "Musician 3.0" students, to be performed in Brno upcoming May.